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Boost Revenue, ROI, & Word of Mouth with a Skin Analysis Device
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As business owners, our success depends on awareness. But how do we leverage that capital “A” Awareness in a way that truly endures? Smart med spas and dermatology practices know that a multi-channel marketing strategy is an exceptional place to start.

In your local area, you need billboards in high-traffic zones and maybe one or two ads on local radio. In the digital marketing realm, awareness depends on a sleek website, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and targeted ads.

Finally, if you’ve played your cards right, you might be boosting word of mouth—the cherry on top for that crucial awareness. So, what encourages word of mouth, and how can it take your skin care or aesthetic revenue to new heights? Let’s take a look.

Boosting Word of Mouth & ROI for Skin Care Services – A Guide

At Emage, we’ve staked our reputation on knowing what truly works—both for patients and providers. Results matter, even when they’re inconsistent or shy of guaranteed. In our time, we’ve learned that boosting word of mouth comes down to several key factors.

Key factors in boosting word of mouth include:

  • Novelty – Offering something that other provides can’t or won’t
  • Results – Creating remarkable or atypical outcomes for clients
  • Surprise – Going beyond the expected to make a lasting impression
  • Empowerment/Education – Giving your clients something they can use long after your relationship ends

In the skin care industry, these factors can be difficult to deliver. After all, you’re limited by the same science and using mostly the same equipment as your competitors. But this issue can be easy to overthink. Even one new piece of tech or small procedural change can be enough to deliver on each of these key factors.

In other words, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to modify your wheel.

Making Room For Novelty, Surprise, And Empowerment in Your Skin Care Services

Let’s paint the common patient/provider scenario. A client schedules a consultation at your office. They meet with you or one of your staff to discuss their needs.

Afterward, you pair them with the treatment that checks as many boxes as possible. Your patient receives this treatment, leaves, and chooses to return for more treatments or not. Sound familiar?

Ultimately, there’s no novelty, surprise, or empowerment in this arrangement. Repeat business depends entirely on the results you create. But again, with mostly the same technology and understanding as your competitors, how can those results command repeat and new business rather than merely encourage it?

There’s one step missing from this common scenario—one hole that can be filled by the right piece of technology.

Boost Word of Mouth with Medical Imaging Software & Skin Analysis

At Emage, we’ve invested a significant portion of our time, energy, and resources into developing our ImagePro® lineup of skin analysis devices. Why? Because they generate terrific buzz and results.

Let’s run that common scenario back. A patient schedules their consultation and arrives at your office. Only this time, you do more than talk. You analyze.

Our patients don’t always understand their needs as well as we might. But even we have limits. By starting your new patient/provider relationship with a full skin analysis, you can leverage data to guide treatment for superior outcomes while boosting positive word of mouth.

Skin Analysis is Novel

Hard as it may be to hear, most providers are pretty comfortable with the common scenario discussed above. Few lead with skin analysis before suggesting and performing treatments. The experience alone can generate word of mouth, but the Image Pro® does more than that.

Our Image Pro® skin analysis device is capable of AI facial recognition and welcomes your patients back at the start of each visit. A scannable QR code allows them to access their results. Finally, the Image Pro® can even print off a shopping list of your treatments that address a patient’s skin concerns.

With the Image Pro®, a visit to your office is memorable enough to warrant mentioning in conversations with friends, family, and coworkers.

Skin Analysis is Surprising

Some patients think they know what they need. They’ve done their research and discovered the right RF microneedling or facial rejuvenation treatment for them. But patient opinions are just that—the subjective product of Google searches.

As a medical professional, you know that you can do better than armchair aestheticians. But proving that to the benefit of your patient can be tricky. With a skin analysis machine, you’re revealing pore size, actual skin age, skin hydration levels, and even fine lines that are just starting to develop.

When presented with the data captured by an Image Pro®, your patients should be open to other treatments, return visits, and all the other expert advice you have to offer.

Skin Analysis is Empowering & Educational

In the information age, there’s barely a limit to the kinds of knowledge we crave. Wearable health technology (like smartwatches) keeps us plugged into our pulse, our blood pressure, our inactivity, and our calories burned at every hour of the day. The same curiosity extends to the state of our skin—especially among likely patients at your practice.

After just one skin analysis session, you’ll be able to provide your patients with dozens of amazing observations, including:

  • Pore depth
  • Skin texture
  • Skin laxity
  • Pore size
  • Hydration levels
  • Sun damage
  • Dyschromia analysis
  • Vascularity
  • Skin age
  • Inflammation
  • Sebum & porphyrins
  • Wrinkles & potential wrinkles
  • Surface, epidermal, & dermal pigment
  • More

As you can see, these are the kinds of details that leave patients stunned. After a skin analysis, your patients will be talking about their pore size or skin grain to nearly anyone who will listen.

That’s how you generate word of mouth. That’s how you encourage repeat and new business. And that’s how you increase ROI without reinventing the aesthetics industry.

Generate Buzz At Your Practice with The ImagePro® Skin Analysis Device

With novelty, with surprise, with data-driven results, and with empowerment, you can deliver exceptional outcomes while generating tremendous buzz. Don’t settle for the common patient/provider scenario. Up your game in your local market to edge out the competition and grow your business by scheduling your 10-minute ImagePro® tour today!

Supercharge Awareness & Word of Mouth with Skin Analysis Today!

Before your competitors review their patient/provider protocols, start offering skin analysis at your practice with the ImagePro®! Backed by the best warranty in the business and by unlimited training during the warranty period, our ImagePro® skin analysis device leads the way. We never charge for software updates and can even arrange for monthly payments rather than one lump sum. Get started with an ImagePro® for as little as $179 per month by calling (704) 412-3152 or contacting us online!

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