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Skin Imaging SystemsExplore our full line of Image Pro® skin imaging systems & find the right one for your practice.
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Financing Available

We offer customizable financing and rentals on all of our Image Pro® systems, complete with the best warranty in the business, free automatic software upgrades, and unlimited training during the warranty period.

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The Complete Image Pro® Lineup

Image Pro® Skin Imaging Systems are unmatched in the industry. Innovative software and hardware is supported by 7-days a week customer support—financing, superior warranties, unlimited training, and free software updates without annual licensing fees. Take your practice to the next level by converting consultations into treatments.

Image Pro® systems use award winning AI skin analysis data to recommend a course of treatment in keeping with your current offerings. Patient satisfaction and loyalty are sure to increase along with your ROI. Browse our full lineup below to find the skin imaging system that works for your practice or schedule a tour today.

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Industry-Leading Image Pro® Skin Imaging

Image Pro® SUNLITE

Product Detail

The Image Pro® SUNLITE uses high-resolution 3D technology & numerous wavelengths of visible light to reveal the true state of a patient’s skin.


Image Pro® HYBRID

Product Detail

The Image Pro® HYBRID reveals skin hydration, hyperpigmentation, skin elasticity, & even facial symmetry. Take a deep dive with your patients to uncover next steps.


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Image Pro® Opera 3D

Product Detail

Illustrate the difference your skin care treatments make with the Image Pro® Opera 3D. A detailed comparison analysis uses graphs and data for expert “before” & “after” comparisons.


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Image Pro® LE

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The Image Pro® LE unveils a complete picture of skin health, including pore size, pore depth, sun damage, & even wrinkles that are only beginning to form.


Image Pro® VERSA

Product Detail

Image Pro® Versa offers high-level 3D features in a compact tablet form. The tablet is also removable for unparalleled versatility.


ImagePro® Halo

Product Detail

ImagePro® Halo uses high-resolution 3D technology and four wavelengths of visible light. With a self-cleaning capture station and a retractable hood, the ImagePro® Halo accurately diagnoses skin conditions and generates a customized “shopping cart”.


What Providers Say About Image Pro®

“I have had my Image Pro 2 LE for close to two years and it is by far the best equipment investment I have made for my business. It is simple to use and everyone who comes in for this skin analysis becomes a skin care client. Clients are more willing to invest in products and services because they can see the condition of their skin with their own two eyes. As an esthetician, I love that the machine tracks even the smallest changes in the skin which may not be visible to the naked eye.

The customer service has been great since day one. I damaged the thumb drive that holds the software and the replacement was at my doorstep in about 24 hrs.”

Nakia Vargas

“We inherited the Image Pro 2 LE facial camera as part of our recently acquired medical spa business, Glo Med Spa in Austin, TX. While the prior ownership didn’t seem to appreciate this camera, we think it’s pretty cool. It clearly shows our clients detail imagery of their skin – including bacteria, texture and especially UV exposure. We can already see how useful the Image Pro camera will be as a sales tool to help us direct our patients toward the correct treatments and skin care products for their skin. Thanks to Lonnie for his training and on-going support. Thanks Emage Medical for the cool camera.”

Sherry Salehi

“And for a 50 year old woman, it was helpful to really be able to see the sun damage that I have with the Sunlite image pro 3D so that I can work to reverse it.”

Julie Templeton

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