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Leasing ProgramsHere to help you start, run, & succeed at your practice. Unlock exceptional ROI with our flexible leasing options.
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With affordable monthly payments on all of our industry-leading aesthetic tech, you’re bound to find a solution that works for your practice. Contact us today to learn more.

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Affordable Aesthetic Equipment Leasing Plans from Emage Medical®

At Emage, we understand that increasing pressures on capital budgets can make it difficult to purchase equipment outright, especially for new practices just getting started. That’s why we developed our leasing program—to empower your practice with our state-of-the-art Image Pro® skin imaging systems and other equipment for as low as $250 a month. With industry-leading warranties on all of our products and unlimited training during the warranty period, you can get what you need at an affordable price and with exceptional support.

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Five Reasons to Lease with Emage

Lowest Rates in the Aesthetic Industry

For remotely similar aesthetic technology, you might end up paying as much 500% more each month. Our rates set a low bar for entry so that you can focus on growing your practice.

No Upfront Costs

In the first few years, running a practice can be expensive. We remove barriers with our leasing program so that you can get the tech you need without the upfront costs,

Flexible Terms

We’re here to make our products work for your practice. Our commitment to your success includes flexible terms on all of our products, from skin imaging to microneedling systems.

No Prepayment Penalties

At Emage, we won’t penalize you for paying early. Our tech and our company work for you and your practice, so we make it easy to pay whenever you want.

Quick & Simple Application Process

By filling out just five pieces of information in our brief online application form, you can get started with Emage technology today. There’s no hard pull on your credit and we’ll be in touch ASAP to walk you through the rest.

What Providers Say About Emage

“I have worked with Emage since 2013. Their products, price point, and service are incomparable. I find them to be thorough, reliable, and efficient.”

Lindy Pettet

“WOW!! Loving my skin again…smoother, firmer, more even tone and dewy glow. Apparatus was easy to use and not time consuming at all. No down time or worries after use…can go about my day. Cari Ray is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Thank you for helping me reach my skin goals!!”

Michelle West

“Super professional and knowledgeable. Recommend 100%. Very happy with products and services!!!!”

Cheri Lynn

Learn How to Apply Today

Submit the form to learn more today, our expert sales team will walk you through the entire process and optimize terms to meet your needs. If you prefer to contact us directly on the phone, call us for a free consultation at 704-412-3152.
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