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Increase Your ROI with a Skin Imaging System: Here’s How
Increase your ROI with a skin imaging system

If one thing is shared among medical and aesthetic skin care practitioners, it’s a passion for helping patients reach their goals. Whether you own a med spa, dermatology clinic, or another type of aesthetic practice, your success hinges on reaching new clients and empowering them to understand their skin. But business plateaus and early cashflow woes can quickly erode your ability to make this kind of impact. That’s where skin imaging technology comes in.

With powerful skin analysis tools from Emage Medical®, dermatology and aesthetic practices can attract new business, generate excellent word of mouth, provide perfectly matched before and after photos to show treatment results, and increase ROI. Let’s dive into the benefits of investing in skin imaging and find out how partnering with Emage can pay for itself—and then some—with as little as one consultation.

What is a Skin Imaging Device?

Let’s start with the basics. Sometimes referred to as skin analyzers, these powerful devices provide an unmatched view of a patient’s overall skin condition. With high-resolution cameras and intense magnification using normal, cross-polarized, parallel-polarized, and UV lighting, these systems provide your patients with high-quality facial images like they’ve never seen before. 

These images reveal much more than the skin ailments that meet the eye. They penetrate to show both surface and subsurface skin conditions, including skin laxity, texture, pigmentation, and more. That means you can unlock the hidden signs of sun damage, vascularity, potential wrinkles, and so much more.

As patients embark on their treatment journeys with you, smart artificial intelligence can track their unique facial skin profile, allowing them to see the results of your powerful treatments in real time. Imagine the trust and excitement you can build with your clients when you present them with an objective list of the treatments they need, backed by the latest skin science technology.  

How Skin Imaging Technology Pays You Back

Far more than just another piece of equipment, an ImagePro® skin imaging system enables you to upsell your patients while improving outcomes and turning up the volume on word of mouth. Let’s break it down step-by-step.

Attract New Business

Plenty of patients out there know that they want certain beauty services. They may have heard the buzz on TikTok about the latest hydradermabrasion treatment or envied a friend’s glowing skin after an advanced stem cell facial. But there are plenty of others out there who aren’t sure what their skincare needs are. They need a guide, and you can be that for them.

When your practice offers skin analysis, you offer patients a window into their own skin health in ways that other services can’t. With this type of equipment, you can show patients what’s hiding beneath the surface, like hidden UV damage and inflammation-causing porphyrin bacteria. This opens more revenue potential for targeted solutions. 

The promise of a personalized shopping list of skincare products and treatments is always tantalizing in today’s beauty-conscious world. It’s a powerful way to attract patients who are on the fence about taking their first steps into aesthetic treatments, showing them the possibilities without wasting their time or money on treatments that aren’t right for them. 

Generate Word of Mouth

Skin imaging allows practitioners to engage in advanced treatment planning like never before. Each consultation provides you and your patient with a printable shopping list, which features services you offer that address the results of a skin analysis scan. With this list, you can guide them point-by-point through their personal skincare journey. 

Happy patients speak for themselves. And results speak for themselves. When patients leave your office with radiant skin, they’ll want to tell their friends all about the curated experience they had with your team. That is, if their friends don’t ask them first how they achieved such incredible results! With a skin imaging device in your arsenal, becoming the talk of the town just got a whole lot easier.

Boost ROI

When you offer skin analysis, you set yourself apart from the competition, both in terms of what you can offer and how you can upsell. Connecting the dots between one service and another usually takes some level of skill, but skin analysis makes upselling aesthetic services easier than ever before.

When you buy a skin imaging device, just one consultation can pay for the investment alone. From there, using the personalized recommendations and insights gained from the analysis, you can upsell $2,000 or more in laser treatments. With this boost in cash flow, you can reinvest in the laser devices and products that will make the biggest impact on your clients and your practice.

Choosing the Right Skin Analysis Tool for You

At Emage Medical®, we understand that each practice and patient community has unique needs. That’s why we’ve developed a diverse range of skin analysis tools, capable of analyzing any skin tone, honing in on any skin concern, and fitting perfectly into any practice. With an extensive background in the skincare industry, our experts can help you choose the right equipment for your goals. 

  • ImagePro® 3D SUNLITE – Uses high-resolution 3D imaging and various light wavelengths for in-depth skin analysis, revealing sun damage and underlying concerns.
  • ImagePro® 3D HYBRID – Focuses on overall skin health, analyzing hydration, pigmentation, elasticity, and even facial symmetry—including advanced treatment result simulation software.
  • ImagePro® Opera 3D – Ideal for monitoring progress, allowing detailed comparisons to visualize the effectiveness of skincare routines.
  • ImagePro® LE – Provides a comprehensive assessment of skin concerns, including pore size, depth, early wrinkles, and sun damage.
  • ImagePro® Halo – Combines high-resolution 3D imaging with four light spectrums for detailed analysis, boasting a self-cleaning station and retractable hood for hygiene and ease of use.

Each of these systems empowers you to conduct more effective consultations, track progress throughout treatments, perfect before-and-after photos, and so much more. Explore Emage’s full line of ImagePro® 3D skin imaging systems today.

Investing in Your Success is Easy with Emage 

To succeed in the dermatology, aesthetics, and skin care industries, you need to meet patients where they are. That means offering unique, results-driven methods they can’t get anywhere else. With Emage’s ImagePro® 3D systems at your fingertips, you can see beneath the surface to target skincare concerns at their source—and boost your ROI while you’re at it.

Start paying yourself back when you request your product tour of the most advanced technology in the industry!

Request a Product Tour & Start Paying Yourself Back

Emage Medical® offers top-of-the-line technology with the only smart algorithms and self-sanitizing equipment on the market. We back up our products with second-to-none customer service. Ask how we can set your practice up from consultation to post-care for a fraction of the cost of our competitors! Contact us today to get started.

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