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Innovative Marketing Strategies and Client Support
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Aside from our commitment to provide estheticians and skin care professionals with the most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation technology, Emage Medical is equally adamant when it comes to ensuring that our customers have all the tools they need to fully utilize these new innovations.  Whether you’re a brand new skin care provider or a well-recognized business, we’re proud to provide a diverse offering of sales, support and marketing tools to help you attract more customers, increase revenue, and provide the highest level of service.

From self-employed estheticians to fully-staffed spas and dermatology clinics, Emage is constantly working to improve the support tools we provide to our clients.  Here’s just a sampling of the sales and marketing resources we offer to help you get the most from your Emage Medical equipment.

  • A dedicated team of experts to help structure your marketing strategies
  • Informative literature and signage to promote innovative new services
  • Expert sales consultation and advice for new businesses and start-ups
  • Vast selection of online resources to assist with product use and promotion
  • Industry-leading support plan with 24 hour phone and online support
  • Easy to understand product training to help you maximize results and bookings

It’s no secret that today’s skin care and beauty customers are always seeking out new solutions to help them look and feel better.  At Emage Medical, that’s precisely what we strive to deliver.  Explore our full offering of skin rejuvenation products, or get in touch with our staff for more information on the many ways in which we work to support those who utilize our technology.

Emage Medical is based in North Carolina and proudly serves the needs of skin and beauty experts across the country.  You can reach our team by phone at 704-412-3152 anytime during regular hours, or email your questions to us 24/7 by visiting our secured contact page.

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