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How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally With CytoSerum®
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When it comes to our health, our appearance, and the free market, common problems generate common solutions. For every wrinkle, there’s a laser procedure or cosmetic injectable to match. For every chronic skin condition, there’s a topical steroid or Kenalog shot. 

But even with modern advancements and leading-edge science on our side, the holy grail of aesthetic care remains: hair loss treatments.

Solving Thinning Hair, Alopecia, & Hair Loss in 2023

Each year, millions of American men and women discover they’re losing hair. Naturally, a $4.9 billion hair restoration industry has grown to solve the issue. But not every hair loss solution is equal, affordable, or in vogue. 

Hair plugs are mostly out and hair transplant costs can prohibit some consumers from getting the help they need. Patients and providers need an affordable and effective approach to treating hair loss NOW. But aside from the old methods, what new science-backed hair loss treatments exist? 

Introducing The CytoSerum® – A Modern Hair Loss Solution

Gone are the days of babydoll hair plugs—replaced by a modern successor called FUT (follicular unit transplantation). But here again, the expense ($4K to 15K) and surgical methodology can keep providers from offering the treatment and patients from affording it. 

As cellular science advances and our understanding of regenerative medicine expands, non-surgical hair restoration methods are quickly catching up to their surgical counterparts.

In other words, modern topical solutions make the most of cutting-edge science to solve hair loss at the literal and figurative root. Here’s how CytoSerum® achieves a multimodal approach to hair restoration. 

21st-Century Hair Restoration Science For Modern Patients & Providers

Let’s start with the results: in clinical environments, CytoSerum® created a visible difference for patients with thinning hair in just three months. 

As a topical hair loss product, or when combined with hydradermabrasion or microchanneling treatments, CytoSerum® puts skin, fibroblasts, protein, and stem cells to work. 

Stem Cell Activation

Adult stem cells are changing the game across the aesthetic industry. From stem cell facials to non-surgical breast lifts, these blank canvas cells are capable of nearly any task they’re asked to do. Hair restoration is certainly no exception.  

Our hair follicles contain active stem cells. Unfortunately, age can convert these stem cells to skin, choking the follicle and making hair regrowth nearly impossible. That’s not the end of the story, though.

CytoSerum® reopens atrophic (shrunken) follicles by activating stem cells and putting them to work in supporting hair growth—not preventing it.

Increased Fibroblast Metabolism

Stem cells may be notable, but they aren’t the only kind of cell responsible for kickstarting hair growth. Fibroblasts—cells that form connective tissues in the body—can also lend a substantial hand. 

By increasing the metabolic rate of fibroblast cells in the scalp and follicles, CytoSerum® supports skin health, circulation, and the spread of nutrients for healthier, happier hair.

Improved Follicular Growth

At the microscopic level, cellular growth requires cellular division. Old cells split to make new versions which also split, eventually leading to long protein chains and a full head of hair. 

CytoSerum® introduces potent fibroblast growth factors (FGF) directly into the follicles where it kickstarts cellular division and growth. Once root cells start to divide during this newest growth cycle, visible results are just weeks away.

Supercharged Amino Acids

If you’re spotting a pattern in the science behind CytoSerum®, you’re certainly not wrong. To regrow hair, we need active connective tissues (fibroblasts), fewer obstructions (atrophic follicles), and cellular division leading to protein chains (new hair).

To support this process even further, CytoSerum® adds valuable amino acids to the mix. Amino acids support the development of protein chains—preserving existing hair while giving inactive follicles what they need to restart. Like fertilizer on your lawn, amino acids are food for healthy, strong hair.

Creation of New Blood Vessels

If we know anything about our blood, it’s probably that it oxygenates tissue and muscle throughout the body. But an overlooked role of our vascular system is the delivery of vital nutrients wherever blood flows.

Hair—like grass—needs food to grow. The blood supply to your hair follicles can make all the difference between healthy hair and no hair at all. CytoSerum® feeds follicles on its own, but it also promotes active circulation throughout the scalp for long-term hair nutrition and growth.

Start Solving For Hair Loss With CytoSerum® At Your Practice

In the past, patients only had a few hair restoration options—few of them good or affordable. Now, however, modern skin science and regenerative techniques have given us a new way forward: CytoSerum®.

Get started with CytoSerum® at your practice today by calling (704) 412-3152 or contacting us online. The more hair loss solutions you offer, the better outcomes you create—both for your patients and for your business. 

Restoring Hair At The Root—CytoSerum® From Emage

Modern patients like options. Diversity among your treatment options can only help. Whether you offer follicular unit transplantation, hair plugs, or other leading techniques, it never hurts to have a safe, effective, and affordable non-surgical hair restoration treatment on your menu. Create results at a price point your patients can afford. Contact Emage today by calling (704) 412-3152 or contacting us online.

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