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Offering StemFacial ® Refresh after Pandemic Stress
Offering Stemfacial refresh after pandemic stress

As your clients return to services, we want to offer you the best solutions to getting their skin summer ready after months indoors. Emage Medical LLC can offer you and your clients a revolutionary approach to skincare! StemFacial ® is more effective, efficient and profitable than a standard PRP. StemFacial ® is designed to extend the skin rejuvenation process beyond the treatment room and into the client’s home. This at-home skin rejuvenation system combines the power of human stem cell growth factors and peptides with treatments to help continue the aftercare.

StemFacial® includes the CYTOPEN® device, disposable needling cartridge tips along with the back bar STEMFACIAL(R) Matrix Solution. We recommend having your patient follow up at home with our ADVANCED CYTOKINE DUO- STEMFACIAL ® Growth Factor Serum and STEMFACIAL(R) Bio Activator for enhanced benefits of the STEMFACIAL ® treatments. Continued use helps to maintain benefits and achieve healthier, more radiant looking skin.

The STEMFACIAL(R) system is a skincare rejuvenation program offers amazing benefits:

  • Used in conjunction with CytoPen®, improves appearance, wrinkles, pigment and inflammatory vascularity
  • Scarless healing
  • Little to no downtime
  • Contains stem cell-derived cytokine proteins and growth factors

StemFacial ® is here to help you REVERSE the signs of aging. Contact our experts at Emage Medical LLC to learn how you can offer this advanced technology now!

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