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Spa Owners Using Skin Imaging Technology to Boost Revenue
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By Addo Aesthetics, originally published here

Revolutionary dermatology imaging devices are being used by aestheticians across the globe to more accurately diagnose what treatments clients need to fight aging and improve their skin.

Business is booming for the industry as a whole, with the medical imaging device industry valued at over USD 12.5 billion in 2021, which is anticipated to grow further by 2030.

While experts suggest that the increasing prevalence of skin cancer and other skin diseases is contributing to the high product demand, the growing awareness among people about the aesthetic appeal and technological advancements in dermatology devices is increasing uptake of these devices.

Skin Imaging Systems Luminaries in the Aesthetic Industry (And How They Can Help You)

One such founder that has capitalized on a market share in the industry is founder of Emage Medical, Lonnie Wallace, who used his experience in the medical field to found the industry leading aesthetic company in 2001.

EMAGE Medical® is located in Charlotte in North Carolina, is a leading global authority in the aesthetic industry, offering anti-aging, cosmeceutical innovation and imaging technologies. The company provides the aesthetic marketplace commercial devices, from skin imaging and microneedling equipment, to its latest STEMFACIAL® skin rejuvenation line.

In 2011, EMAGE Medical® was pulling in $80,000 in sales a year, but has now surpassed $2.7 million per year, with year-on-year growth. The company runs a nimble operation with just 10 employees, across sales, operations, shipping and logistics.

Market Demand & Skin Imaging Opportunities – An Interview with Emage CEO Cari Ray

Emage Medical CEO Cari Ray had her foray into the industry as a StemFacial client, falling in love with the aesthetics industry. It was at a chance meeting at an event that she met Lonnie, later joining the company as a National Sales Manager and now CEO.

“There is a strong market demand for what we do, with aestheticians, solo operators, dermatologists and more, the 3D technology we have is next level,” Ms Ray said.

As Ms Ray explains, the technology allows spas, aestheticians, and business operators to conduct a thorough skin analysis through the skin imaging technology, allowing them to show the client exactly what is going on under the surface of their skin, allowing them to upsell other recommended treatments.

“If an aesthetician can show a client the skin imaging of their skin, it allows them to add additional recommended treatments and allows them to gain more income from one client.

“Our technology has allowed solo aestheticians to increase their revenue even if they haven’t changed their marketing strategy. We’re really focused on ensuring that our clients can make the most out of their investment, so we do an ROI for every product we release into the market.”

Ms Ray explains the company is always innovating and introducing new products and alternative treatments, such as microneedling or its STEMFACIAL® treatments.

“The products we have are excellent and the solutions are nimble, our mission is to help aestheticians make more money and bring innovative solutions to their spas,” she said.

Ms Ray’s advice for aestheticians who are interested in boosting revenue is simple.

“Do an open house at your spa and conduct a free skin analysis. There’s a 90 percent chance that once a client sees their pores and wrinkles they will want to book a treatment with you. It helps get people in the door, and it enables the aesthetician to upsell and add to their bottom line.”

Learn How Emage Medical Accelerates ROI & Patient Satisfaction Today!

For more information about how Emage Medical can help your aesthetic practice, medspa, plastic surgery clinic, or day spa today, call us at (704) 412-3152 or contact us online. Learn more about our technologies and skin imaging systems to get the edge you need in your local market.


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