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Body Pro®

The Ultimate in Breast, Body, Face and Skin Imaging Equipment

Now available: optional polarized lighting for clear, impactful vascular photography.

Why accept blurry, underexposed, oddly colored photographs as the status quo in your clinic or treatment center?

Body Pro provides clear, detailed and accurately exposed photos every time!  Body Pro isn’t just a product, it’s a complete body photography solution, including controlled lighting, database management software and laser distance guide for reproducibility.

Now, the photographed results of your work can reflect the professionalism of your craft, no matter what procedures you offer or which parts of the body you specialize in improving.  Before and after images can be easily displayed side-by-side with zoom capabilities.  Body Pro’s exclusive onscreen measuring tools allow you to document proof positive results.

The Body Pro is the perfect tool for staying organized, creating a professional impression, and providing reproducibility.

The Body Pro is a professional all-in-one system that streamlines the process of body imaging.

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So how does it work?

  • Built in lighting ensures even exposure, including hard to photograph areas, such as thighs.
  • Patients stand at laser controlled distance while the adjustable and sliding cameras capture images from all angles. Cameras are digitally controlled with the click of a button. Thigh, breast, abdomen and face imaging are all easily achieved with Body Pro.
  • All photos are immediately archived to the patient’s profile and are easily retrieved with the Body Pro software.  All patient images are safeguarded from being lost, misnamed or accidentally replaced!

Hardware and Software Specs of the Body Pro include: 

  • Centralized database to search, store and backup images
  • Side-by-side comparison feature to easily display body photography to customers
  • Ability to print images or file them digitally
  • Photos for before & after treatment
  • Specifications: 15.6 megapixel optics
  • Surround sync flash with LED fill flash
  • Intel Core I3 laptop computer
  • Height: 60″
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 44 lbs

Other body photography systems (such as the Canfield Body Imaging Systems) can not offer the quality and value of Body Pro.  We offer unparalleled service and our experienced staff takes an active part in your imaging success.  When you purchase or lease Body Pro you receive unlimited free support and upgrades at no charge.


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