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StemFacial®A revolutionary breakthrough in cytokine growth factor science, designed for superior results.

Boost Revenues with
10x ROI

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Combine with CytoPen® & CytoPeel®

Significantly increase patient satisfaction & maximize results by combining StemFacial® with our CytoPen® microneedling device or our CytoPeel® hydradermabrasion system.

StemFacial product

Why StemFacial®?

For post-treatment recovery or as a treatment all its own, the StemFacial® Matrix solution and Advanced Cytokine Duo solution represent a major leap forward in growth factor applications. Designed for use after microneedling or microdermabrasion, or on its own as a three-treatment, nine-week program, StemFacial® supports incredible results that have to be seen to be believed. Harness the molecular science of stem cell growth factors and peptides at your practice.

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StemFacial® Science & Features


Matrix Solution

Ideal for skin health & lubrication during microneedling, the Matrix solution contains stem cell cytokines, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, & seven peptides. Biologics are anti-inflammatory and not allergenic.

Advanced Cytokine Duo Solution

This two-step, at-home solution empowers patients to double their benefits after in-office treatments. Full of cytokines, growth factors, peptides, botanicals, vitamins, & retinols, the Duo solution makes a visible difference.

34 Growth Factors

StemFacial® has been painstakingly designed to marshall healing for exceptional skin texture, health, & radiance. Packed with 34 individual growth factors (among so much more), your patients will absolutely love it.

By Physicians, For Physicians

StemFacial® is engineered by physician scientists specifically to maximize existing treatment offerings & drastically improve patient outcomes. Magnify satisfaction & loyalty both in-office & at home.


Comprehensive Skin Care Benefits

A small list of StemFacial® benefits includes improved skin laxity, diminished pores, & the minimized visual impact of wrinkles, scars, acne, & stretch marks. With StemFacial®, that’s just the start.

What Providers Say About StemFacial®

“I have just started using the Stem Facial products and gone through my first round with the product and the Cytopen; all I can say is I’m amazed! Friends have already noticed a difference in my skin texture! I am excited to see my final outcome!”


“I have used Emage and their Cytopen/StemFacial service and am so pleased! I have just initiated my treatment but the professionalism of the team, the quality of the product, and the service delivery have all been exemplary. I am so excited about completing the treatment and seeing my final results!! Thank you to Cari and Emage!”

Nicki Gatton

“Just started using the StemFacial products. My skin feels smooth and I can’t wait to see the results. Great service and staff.”

Evans Realty & Associates
The Emage Medical DifferenceWhy Choose Us?

To give you every advantage we can, we’ve pulled out all the stops. Here are just a few of our advantages.

Icon Affordability


Our skin imaging technology is the most advanced and most affordable in the industry. Image Pro 3D® Sunlite is skin imaging reimagined, offering free software updates automatically & never charging annual licensing fees.

Icon Support


With unlimited, free 1:1 training during the warranty period, we train you how to do effective consultations to promote and sell more products or treatments that you already offer. And when you call, you’ll always speak to a real person.


Smart algorithms & self-sanitizing equipment enable rich insights. Real-time before & after photos are electronically aligned to help patients perfectly visualize the changes you provide.

Best Warranty in the Biz

Emage customers enjoy an industry-leading 3-year warranty with a 5-year extended option available.

Icon Experience


With nearly a century of combined experience in the aesthetic and marketing fields, the team at Emage® will set you up for success with sage advice from start to finish.

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