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CytoSerum®Reactive hair growth & stop hair loss with visible results in three months.

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Explore the Science Behind CytoSerum®

Stem cell activation, amino acids, and the formation of new blood vessels have created visible results in clinical environments within three months. Learn more about CytoSerum® R&D today.

Why CytoSerum®?

The science of hair restoration is complex. That’s why CytoSerum® for hair restoration takes a multimodal approach to kickstart hair growth and arrest hair loss. By re-launching stem cell activity and promoting the development of new blood vessels, remaining hairs get the nutrients they need to thrive while lost hairs gradually return. With visible results in three months, CytoSerum® deserves a spot at your practice today.

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How CytoSerum® Works

Stem Cell Activation

Hair loss patients can see almost immediate results by employing their own stem cells in the wider effort of stopping hair loss, promoting hair growth, & boosting circulation.

Increased Fibroblast Metabolism

The role of connective tissues in hair restoration cannot be overstated. By boosting metabolic rates at the level of individual fibroblasts, CytoSerum® encourages scalp health & protein synthesis.

Improved Follicular Growth

Once fibroblast growth factors (FGF) enter the follicle, they kickstart a new growth cycle. Root cells divide liberally, leading to an increase in new hair development.

Amino Acids

Amino acids enter scalp tissue & hair follicles where they link to form protein chains. These chains further encourage new growth while supporting the health of existing hair.

New Blood Vessels

Blood vessels in the scalp deliver vital minerals & nutrients to developing & existing hairs. By feeding hair at the follicle, CytoSerum® improves growth across the board.

What Providers Say About CytoSerum®

“I have worked with Emage since 2013. Their products, price point, and service are incomparable. I find them to be thorough, reliable, and efficient.”

Lindy Pettet

“WOW!! Loving my skin again…smoother, firmer, more even tone and dewy glow. Apparatus was easy to use and not time consuming at all. No down time or worries after use…can go about my day. Cari Ray is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Thank you for helping me reach my skin goals!!”

Michelle West

“Super professional and knowledgeable. Recommend 100%. Very happy with products and services!!!!”

Cheri Lynn
The Emage Medical DifferenceWhy Choose Us?

To give you every advantage we can, we’ve pulled out all the stops. Here are just a few of our advantages.

Icon Affordability


Our skin imaging technology is the most advanced and most affordable in the industry. Image Pro 3D® Sunlite is skin imaging reimagined, offering free software updates automatically & never charging annual licensing fees.

Icon Support


With unlimited, free 1:1 training during the warranty period, we train you how to do effective consultations to promote and sell more products or treatments that you already offer. And when you call, you’ll always speak to a real person.


Smart algorithms & self-sanitizing equipment enable rich insights. Real-time before & after photos are electronically aligned to help patients perfectly visualize the changes you provide.

Best Warranty in the Biz

Emage customers enjoy an industry-leading 3-year warranty with a 5-year extended option available.

Icon Experience


With nearly a century of combined experience in the aesthetic and marketing fields, the team at Emage® will set you up for success with sage advice from start to finish.

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