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Emage Medical®, a recognized leader in providing advanced technology to professional aesthetic practices now offers the CytoPen®, a patented micro-needle device.  CytoPen® is the industry’s first dual electric and battery operated micro-needling device.  The best of both worlds!

Medical micro-needling is rapidly gaining popularity to improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, and improve overall skin tone and texture. Compared to chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser treatments, micro-needling causes substantially less tissue damage with minimal to no downtime.

CytoPen® utilizes disposible sterile needling cartridges and provides easy “click to adjust” control of both needle penetration and oscillation speed.  Adjustments are made rapidly and precisely so that each area of skin is appropriately treated.

The electrical and mechanical components of the device are sealed from possible contamination by blood or topically applied products, assuring patients are protected from cross-contamination.  Removal and replacement of disposable needling cartridges is fast, with a secure lock feature that prevents inadvertent dislodgement during treatment.

CytoPen® creates scores of microscopic porations utilizing patented disposable multi-needle attachments.  The needles are adjustable.  Shorter adjustments are used to enhance penetration of the StemFacial® serum through the stratum corneum, the outermost “barrier” layer of the skin.  See StemFacial® information here.

Micro-needling creates hundreds of small injuries.  The subsequent healing response improves skin tone, texture and the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

Cyto Pen micro needling

CytoPen® Features

• CytoPen® is the industry’s first dual electric and  battery operated micro-needling device 

• Motorized collagen induction therapy

• 12-needle tip using 33-gauge acupuncture needles to reduce discomfort

• Highest quality for medical professionals (aluminum housing, German motor)

• Optimal absorption of products

• Adjustable needle length

• Infinitely adjustable speed control from 7000 to 14000 rpm for maximum control and patient comfort

• Compact and ergonomic design

CytoPen® Benefits

• Quiet operation

• Scar-less healing

• Little to no downtime

• Minimal discomfort design

• Self-contained no leak cartridges (no cross-contamination)

• Safety needle

 CytoPen® StemFacial® Video

CytoPen® Video

The StemFacial®

The StemFacial® combines CytoPen® micro-needling with StemFacial® Professional, a high-science topical containing stem cell cytokine derived serums that modulate inflammation, promotes healing and improves the appearance of pigment and wrinkles.  Over the course of twelve, patients will receive three micro-needling treatments with a take-home two-part system.

Developed by physician scientists, the major active is produced through laboratory culture of the specific human stem cells proved to be responsible for command and control of healing throughout the body.  In StemFacial® Professional, the concentration of the important biosignals produced by the cells is maximized.  The stem cell biosignals are only the beginning of what sets StemFacial® apart from other anti-aging skincare products.  The sixteen actives in StemFacial® include peptides, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and more, each scientifically engineered to work in conjunction with CytoPen® micro-needling.

micro needling

StemFacial® Benefits

• Used in conjunction with CytoPen®, improves appearance, wrinkles, pigment and inflammatory vascularity

• Scar-less healing

• Little to no downtime

• Contains stem cell derived cytokine proteins

• Emage exclusive

FDA Statement

While the modality itself does not diagnose or treat any medical condition nor affect the structure or function of the body, it does assist aesthetic professionals by allowing for increased efficacy of the StemFacial® products or the products they currently use.

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