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Advanced Skin Imaging With Image Pro II

  • Improve consultation effectiveness – Significantly increase conversion rates
  • Offer an effective marketing tool – Position yourself as a leader
  • Increase client satisfaction – Create loyalty and referrals
  • Generate more procedures – Keep treatment rooms busy
  • The software suggests comprehensive services and products – Increase revenue
  • Uncover future problem areas – Recommend preventative procedures
  • Provide consistent, comparative analysis – Track treatment effectiveness

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Image Pro II Allows You to:

  • Examine targeted areas under intense magnification in normal, polarized, and UV light
  • Create multiple, high-quality views of the face
  • Map, measure and analyze fine lines, pigmentation, and vascularity
  • Evaluate skin tone and texture
  • Review comparative graphical analysis based on client demographics
  • Provide consistent, high-quality images
  • Produce and archive assessment reports with notes
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