Emage Medical®, a recognized leader in providing advanced technology to professional aesthetic practices now offers the CytoPen®.

CytoPen® is rapidly gaining popularity for its ability to improve the appearance and smoothness of the skin with minimal downtime.

CytoPen® utilizes disposable sterile cartridges and allows for easy control and oscillation speed. 

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The electrical and mechanical components of the device are fully sealed, assuring patients are protected from cross-contamination.  Removal and replacement of disposable needling cartridges is fast, with a secure lock feature that prevents inadvertent dislodgement during treatment.


CytoPen® Features

  • Highest quality for medical professionals (aluminum housing, German motor)
  • Infinitely adjustable speed control from 7000 to 14000 rpm for maximum control and patient comfort
  • Compact and ergonomic design

CytoPen® Benefits

  • Quiet operation
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort design
  • Self-contained no leak cartridges (no cross-contamination)

CytoPen® Video


We staff a team of experts who will be happy to answer any questions, provide detailed technical specifications, or arrange a product tour.

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