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As CEO of Emage Medical®, Cari Ray has been part of the team behind developing CytoPeel®, CytoSolutions, and CytoSerum® for the past five years. Cari started out as the National Sales Manager on the team and quickly became the driving force behind the next phase of growth and innovation with Emage Medical®. Cari came to the team in the beginning as a StemFacial® client and realized quickly the potential to take this product and company to another level because of the amazing results she saw with her own skin. She is now part owner of Emage®. Before coming to Emage®, Cari was the COO at an international battery distribution center and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Winthrop University. Cari has owned and operated her own businesses and has been a successful entrepreneur as well. In her free time she loves to read, sing, take photographs and is a successful abstract artist with her work being manufactured and sold internationally on textiles.

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