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Top Trends in Cosmetic Procedures 2023 – An Emage Guide
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During and shortly after the pandemic, aesthetic market trends were unpredictable. But after years of consistent spending habits among the industry’s consumer base, some treatments have established themselves as popular mainstays. 

Dermatologists, med spa operators, and day spa owners can finally look forward to some stability in the aesthetic market. But what does that mean for your present and future bottom line?

At Emage, we’re all about data—from consumer spending reports to the detailed analysis offered by our Image Pro® line of skin imaging cameras. With market stability and growth in mind, let’s examine past and present trends to determine the best opportunities for tomorrow.

Aesthetic Industry Trends & Skin Imaging Systems – A Match Made in Revenue Heaven

Like Emage, patients believe in data. The more information and insights that providers reveal, the more authority, trust, and business they create—not to mention customer satisfaction and superior outcomes for enhanced word of mouth.

So, what are the leading non-surgical treatments in America today? The full list of popular aesthetic treatments in 2023 hasn’t been released yet, but there are indicators about which treatments draw the most interest

Additionally, there are some non-surgical treatments that enjoy evergreen popularity, including the most purchased treatments from the 2022 rankings

Upsells, Skin Data, & Superior Results with Image Pro® Skin Imaging Systems

Together with our Image Pro® aesthetic imaging system, your current treatment lineup can thrive while staying one step ahead of market trends. 

After a skin imaging analysis, Image Pro® systems can print a customized shopping list for each patient, featuring your current treatments. Empowered by insights, and with this list in hand, your patients know exactly what issues they’re facing and how to handle them.

Here are the probable most popular non-surgical skin care treatments of 2023 and how they benefit from skin imaging with Image Pro®.

BotoX, DysporT, & XeomiN

There’s no surprise here. Neuromodulators remain at their peak. And in the age of selfies, influencers, and preventative skin care, consumers are getting interested in Botox earlier and sticking with it for longer than ever before. 

Consumer interest in these products pairs nicely with the Image Pro®, especially as it pertains to the development of wrinkles. Our Image Pro® systems use multiple wavelengths to detect fine lines that are just beginning to form. 

When you and your patient both know that smile lines are developing, even if they can’t be seen by the naked eye, you’re able to cut them off at the pass with tactically injected neuromodulators. In the end, you’ll look like a miracle worker while your patients look fantastic.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are beloved by patients and providers for being quick, comfortable, and comprehensive in effect. Consumers are increasingly choosing facials that go beyond what at-home skin care products can achieve, and chemical peels deliver the kind of results they want to see.

Here again, a skin analysis with the Image Pro® reveals valuable metrics that can drive consumer spending and satisfaction. With the Image Pro®, you can detect:

  • Pore size
  • Hydration levels
  • Sun damage
  • Skin age
  • Inflammation
  • Sebum & porphyrins
  • Wrinkles & potential wrinkles
  • Surface, epidermal, & dermal pigment

After each chemical peel session, the Image Pro® welcomes patients back with smart facial recognition. Next, it demonstrates what’s changed between appointments, using hard data to illustrate the difference your treatments make.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

As our understanding of photoaging grows, more patients are seeking all-in-one skin rejuvenation treatments that can address a handful of imperfections in a single sitting. IPL photofacials certainly fit the bill. From stubborn blemishes and loose skin to worsening fine lines and chronic redness, intense pulsed light therapy can handle it.

Image Pro® skin imaging systems give patients a complete picture of the sun damage they’ve suffered through the years. By going beyond the visible spectrum, Image Pro® reveals it all—from micro-blemishes to barely discolored patches.

By providing insights beyond what the eye alone can see, Image Pro® cameras deepen your relationship with patients while deepening their relationship with your treatments. 


Like IPL photofacials, microdermabrasion treatments tackle numerous skin issues simultaneously. As appropriate for blemishes as it is for texture and color issues, microdermabrasion has grown in popularity over recent years for its minimal downtime and skin-boosting results. 

At Emage, we’re no strangers to microdermabrasion systems. In fact, we’ve developed our very own—the next-generation CytoPeel®. As a microdermabrasion machine and hydradermabrasion system in one simple package, the CytoPeel® uses powerful exfoliation and our industry-leading CytoSolutions to deliver world-class results. 

And because our Image Pro® excels at detecting the smallest imperfections with skin depth, texture, grain, and pore size, the results of your microdermabrasion treatments are apparent for your clients to see. 

Aesthetic Treatments with Evergreen Popularity in 2023

Some treatments remain at the top of their game regardless of the year or of evolving consumer demands. Among the most popular treatments of 2023, you’re sure to find:

  • Microneedling & RF Microneedling
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Our Image Pro® skin imaging cameras enhance the patient relationship with each of these treatments, demonstrating improvements, helping patients set goals, and making your services even more valuable than before. 

Best of all, our skin imaging systems are available for as low as $109 a month. You can combine that low overhead with the best warranty in the business, too, ranging from a standard three years with options to extend it up to 5 years. 

When you choose Emage, you never pay for software updates, and you’ll always speak to a real person when you call—whether you need troubleshooting support or just want to inquire about our professional microneedling pen

More than just a manufacturer of leading-edge aesthetic equipment, Emage is your partner in profitability, popularity, and owning your local market. 

Drive New & Repeat Business with Emage Medical Technologies Today

From our iconic Image Pro® and versatile CytoPeel®, to our expertly engineered CytoPen® microneedling device, Emage has a solution to boost your revenue, increase word of mouth, and help practices of every size grow their businesses. 

To find out what Emage can do for you, give us a call at (704) 412-3152 or contact us online.

Are You Ready to Own Your Backyard? Emage Provides the Edge You Need!

As owners/operators ourselves, we know what it takes to drive interest, maintain business, and grow your brand. Muscle out your competition by giving your patients the insights they need to make informed skin care decisions. For more information on our CytoPeel®, Image Pro®, CytoPen®, or CytoSolutions, speak to a real person at Emage by calling (704) 412-3152 or contacting us online.

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