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Introducing Our State-of-the-Art Image Pro® SUNLITE

Many leading estheticians and skin care professionals will agree that helping patients and clients turn back the hands of time or treat common skin conditions begins with a thorough analysis of each individual’s unique epidermal features. Image Pro® SUNLITE is an innovative new skin analysis system that utilizes advanced 3D spectral skin imaging capabilities, allowing providers to visually analyze multiple layers of the skin simultaneously, for pre-treatment skin analyses that are far more detailed and precise.

Whether you’re an esthetician, a dermatologist, or a professional skin care specialist, having access to technology which allows you to make a more detailed and personalized analysis is paramount. Here are just a few of the many features that make Image Pro® SUNLITE an invaluable tool for those who take their patients’ results seriously:

  • Ultra-HD 3D imaging provides detailed analysis of skin age and structure
  • Intense magnification in normal, parallel polarized, cross polarized, and UV light
  • AI Smart Image face recognition to automatically match previous skin images
  • Provides detailed analysis of pores, elasticity, pigment, skin tone, and more
  • Detailed reporting features to better assist both providers and their patients
  • Identifies dozens of factors that are undetectable within the visual spectrum

As one of the industry’s most trusted providers of leading-edge skin care and anti-aging technology, Emage Medical is proud to introduce Image Pro® SUNLITE to our line of advanced skin imaging systems. To learn more about how it can help you improve your bookings, revenue, and client loyalty, contact us today to learn more. We also welcome you to schedule a free demonstration.

Emage Medical is based in North Carolina and proudly serves the needs of skin care professionals throughout the country. You can reach us by calling 704-412-3152 anytime during regular hours, or email us 24/7 by visiting our contact page.

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