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“I have used Emage and their Cytopen/StemFacial service and am so pleased! I have just initiated my treatment but the professionalism of the team, the quality of the product, and the service delivery have all been exemplary. I am so excited about completing the treatment and seeing my final results!! Thank you to Cari and Emage!”

“I own a small aesthetics company. I recently bought the cytopen and it is a great product but, more importantly when I had an issue with the “advanced cytokine duo” Emage replaced my product that day. The customer service is second to none! All of my products are delivered the next day. I am able to get my name and reputation out there partly because of this fast turn around and attention to customer service. Thank you Emage and…I love the jelly beans.”

“Love love love their products! I use their cytopen, matrix pro serum, and the pro duo post care serum and I’ve gotten amazing results for myself and my clients!”

“I have just started using the Stem Facial products and gone through my first round with the product and the Cytopen; all I can say is I’m amazed! Friends have already noticed a difference in my skin texture! I am excited to see my final outcome!”

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